How-to Videos

Setting Up, Cabling, and Connecting to a WaveTest Chassis

Setting up VeriWave's WaveTest Chassis

A step by step guide walking you through the setup of VeriWave's WaveTest Chassis and how to install the cards properly.

Connecting your PC to VeriWave WaveTest Chassis

A step by step guide of how to connect your PC to the VeriWave WaveTest Chassis

Connecting an AP to VeriWave's WaveTest Chassis

Demonstrates how to connect an AP to the VeriWave WaveTest Chassis

Setting up the RF Chamber

Takes you through the necessary steps to put an access point inside an RF Chamber.



WaveInsite™ – Rapid WiFi Interoperability Test

Demonstrates how to use WaveInsite to quickly determine the interoperability and expected performance real clients can expect from a WiFi network.



WaveDynamix™ - Traffic Capture

Demonstrates how to use WaveDynamix and the WaveTest system to quickly capture and analyze wireless and wired traffic at full wire rate, perform protocol decodes, and see physical layer information on a frame-by-frame basis.

WaveDynamix™ - Connecting a Client

Shows how to use WaveDynamix and the WaveTest system to create a specific client type and connect it to an 802.11 network. This use case also covers troubleshooting a failed connection using the intergrated troubleshooting report and capture/decode functionality.

WaveDynamix™ - Maximum Concurrent Clients

Once a single client is connected to an AP, the next step is to see the maximum number of clients that can connect simultaneously. This video shows how to use WaveDynamix to perform this measurement and to assess system stability as large numbers of clients connect and disconnect.



WaveAutomation™ – Intro to WaveAutomation

Demonstration of how WaveAutomation works.

WaveAutomation™ - Configuring Devices for Test

Walks you through the necessary steps needed to configure the DUT for WaveAutomation using the “Hook.” The “Hook” provides users with an interface to all the current variables at specific states of the test.

WaveAutomation™ - Exporting Results to a Database

Demonstrates how to export data to a variety of database sources including Oracle, SQL and MySQL.


WaveQoE™ – Measuring QoE in a WiFi Network

Shows how the WiMix applications measures Quality of Experience (QoE) in a real-world network by generating stateful layer 2 through 7 traffic, creating real HTTP, FTP, voice and video sessions and measuring application specific quality metrics such as MOS score for voice and MDI for video.



WaveApps – Conducting a Throughput Test

Demonstrates how to configure and run a throughput test on a WLAN Access Point, using the WaveApps application. This video demonstrates the configuration steps as well as how to interpret the results and what reports to expect upon completion of the test.


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